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Harvest Creek Millwork Solid Wood Doors

Exterior V-Groove Door


     Inspired by the pride and craftsmanship of yesterdays door makers, we are manufacturing today, doors what will inspire craftsmen tomorrow. Our solid wood doors are not mass produced, but rather, each order is completed one at a time. It is for this reason that we can offer excellent pricing on off-standard sizing.

     Harvest Creek Millwork manufactures solid wood doors, both interior doors and exterior doors, that are available in standard and custom sizes and styles. We have shipped our doors all across the US and Canada, and have the capabilities to manufacture wood doors to your exact specifications.


Exterior Craftsman Door

     We have reproduced doors for historic buildings including the White House, as well as government buildings in North America and foreign countries, estate homes and where many other buildings and homes where quality cannot be compromised.

Exterior Custom Wood Door


     Find out more about our company, doors, our guarantee, and the wood door making process, please click on the links above. Our doors are suitable for new construction, renovations and restorations where it would be necessary to match existing doors.

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